High Efficiency [HE] Detergent

What is so special about HE Detergent?

After manufactures began to build High Efficiency machines, companies that make and sell laundry detergents had to jump on the band wagon and create soap that works well with the machines. What are HE detergents and why should you get them for your machine?

HE detergents are formulated to remove soil from clothing and keep the soil in suspension so that it gets drained away with the dirty water at the end of the wash cycle. The detergent is also made to be low-sudsing because the HE washing machines use less water than traditional machines.

What are the benefits of using HE machines and detergents together?

HE machines work more efficiently due to less water, which for conservationists is a great thing and it’s great for those who are watching bills closely too. Less water means that less sudsing action is needed to complete the job of washing clothes. Also, HE detergents can be used to treat stains before a wash, so it’s not necessary to buy a separate cleaner for stains. One more benefit is that less detergent is needed for even large loads so the detergent lasts longer.

How to identify HE detergents:

When you go to the grocery store or big-box store laundry soap aisle, it can be a daunting task to find the right brand and type for your needs. Most of the new HE soaps have the letters “HE” on the front label framed in what looks like a washing machine window. This is the best and easiest way to find HE detergents.

How to use them to best advantage:

HE detergents are not difficult to use. The main thing is to make sure that the product you buy is made for your machine. Some brands actually have machine recommendations on their labels. You should follow the directions on the labels carefully. Although many people are tempted to add more soap because they may think that more soap means more clean, in this case more is NOT better. The amount may seem too small for the job, but the HE machine is using less water so the amount of detergent is also less than you may expect.

Why you should use HE detergents in your HE washers:

You should use the proper HE detergents in your machine if you want the best results money can buy. Why buy a very expensive, fancy machine to wash your good clothes if you are not inclined to use the right detergent? HE detergents are especially formulated to work well in HE Machines. If you use a regular detergent in your HE machine you will very likely see too much sudsing for the lesser amount of water and the soap will not rinse as well. Then you will have to waste time and money rinsing out your clothes all over again.

Use the right tool for the job when you are doing your laundry if you want to get the cleanest clothes and keep your clothes in good shape for a long time.

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